Six Flags Settles With Marietta Teen Beaten At Park

MARIETTA, GA — Six Flags has quietly settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by a Marietta man you was brutally beaten at the amusement park more than a decade ago when he was a teen.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that an attorney for Six Flags confirmed the settlement. The case was set to return to court to determine who should pay the $35 million that the Georgia Supreme Court ruled was due to Joshua Martin.

Martin was 19 on July 3, 2007 when he was attacked by four convicted gang members just outside the park in Austell. He was punched with brass knuckles and kicked so severely that he reportedly had a shoe print on his forehead when he was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

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The attack left Martin — an aspiring artist who planned to attend Art Institute of Atlanta — in a coma for a week and caused him to suffer brain damage.

Some of the attackers were seasonal employees of Six Flags. They had been with a group of 15-40 gang members who were roaming the park harassing visitors that day and had been reported to Six Flags security.

A Cobb County jury heard the lawsuit and ordered Six Flags to pay Martin $32.2 million and his four convicted attackers — Willie Gray Franklin Jr., Brad McGail Johnson, DeAndre Evans and Claude Morey III — to pay another $2.8 million. Six Flags appealed, but the Supreme Court ordered the payment to go forward.

According to the AJC, neither lawyers for Six Flags nor Martin would share the terms of the new settlement, or say how much money he will be paid.

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