Sewage Spill Stopped At South Cobb Water Plant

AUSTELL, GA — Cobb water officials say the sewage spill from the South Cobb Water plant into Nickajack Creek and the Chattahoochee River has been stopped. A second large temporary pump is now operating near the South Cobb Water Reclamation Facility, officials said, relieving pressure on the South Cobb tunnel. A third pump is still being planned for installation.

A still-unknown failure New Year’s Eve led to a rush of water into a pump station that took out both the main and backup pump system. Water officials said they will not be able to investigate the failure until they clear the water out of the pump station. That timetable is still unknown.

The county’s drinking water supply has not been affected.

Water officials have been working with the state Environmental Protection Division during the incident. The South Cobb facility is one of four wastewater treatment plants that serve the county, primarily dealing with wastewater and runoff from the Austell area and parts of southern Cobb County.

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